An Important Message From Master Certified Coach and Entrepreneur,
Rob Berkley and Pioneer Executive and Life Coach, and Women On Fire™ Founder Debbie Phillips

For Anyone Who Wants to Create The Future Of Their
Dreams In Just Two Days While Vacationing On Martha's Vineyard, MA

Define And Reach Your Goals With
Clarity And Confidence Through This
Very Special, One-Of-A-Kind Experience

Are you looking for the next step in your life? Or, is there something that you have wanted to do, but for some reason have never been able to make it happen? Or, are you going through a transition in your personal or professional life? Or, do you have a big dream that you’re aching to shout out from the rooftops and share with the world? Or do you just need to shake things up a bit? Or maybe you just want to commit to having the best year ever!

If you answered yes to any of those questions then what I have to share with you in this letter may be the most important thing you read all year!

So often today, people wander around in a fog of dissatisfaction, or rush from crisis to crisis, never getting around to what matters most, whether that's family, a long-delayed dream, cutting back on work hours or charging full steam ahead toward business growth.

Wouldn't you like it to be different for yourself and your loved ones? In just two powerful, focused and fun-filled days, you can change all of this. If you would like things to be different, please read this carefully.

Does any of this apply to you?

BulletAre you feeling battered by the economy?

BulletAre you yearning to grow your business, yet don’t quite see the way to make it happen?

BulletAre you searching for your peace of mind, your energy, your inspiration and your enthusiasm?

BulletAre you longing to be in a great relationship?

BulletAre you wandering around in a daze wondering which direction to take?

BulletDo you not have time, nor the energy to do the things you love, let alone the things you must do to keep afloat?

BulletIs there a personal passion or dream that you are longing to fulfill

If you've struggled with or are facing any of the challenges listed above, thre's something you should know about the way you've been going about solving your problems and achieving your goals. It's just not working...

Hello, I'm Rob Berkley, and I don’t say that to be harsh, but just to point out that clearly what you’re doing isn’t working. Believe me, I’ve been there and I know it’s not easy to navigate life’s obstacles and, NO … I don’t have a magic pill!

But let me tell you how my partner Debbie and I came to discover what does work. It’s worked for hundreds of our personal clients and it’s certainly worked for us. To be clear, what I mean by “worked” is that we were searching for answers and we got them. Or, our clients needed clarity, confidence, empowerment, direction, inspiration, or a kick in the pants (lovingly, of course!) and that’s exactly what they got!

Here’s How The Now Famous “Vision Day®” Came To Be

My partner, Debbie, originally created Vision Day® while sitting in a corporate retreat. She realized she’d participated in and led numerous work-related vision retreats but never one about her own life.

She wondered, “If organizations and companies can have vision retreats, why shouldn’t people have one for themselves? Their lives are at least as important, if not more so, than a company’s.”

From that pivotal awareness she created in 1998 a daylong strategic planning day originally called “A Day Away,” which later became Vision Day®, for clients in her own coaching practice. I soon joined her and further developed the curriculum we use today.

Vision Day® has evolved over the past 11 years to include our own proprietary processes and tried-and-true approaches from the other disciplines in our backgrounds.

Our goal is to be efficient, fun, and to ensure that people also have a great time crafting their plan!

My professional background before I was a full-time coach was entrepreneurial, leading organizations, running large operations and projects, and doing strategic planning. Debbie’s experience included leadership positions in business and politics and government, as well as expertise in the media including radio, newspapers, and television.

In 1987, I started a software company with a brilliant partner. The software company was organized around building trading systems for Wall Street brokers. In a very short time this company became very successful. It was so successful that I was in over my head as the leader. We were great at selling the deals, great at doing the projects, but from a leadership and management standpoint I was really struggling with working incredibly long hours and getting tired, and frustrated.

A good friend of mine said, “Hey, Rob, I’m a little worried about you. If you keep working like this something could happen.” I didn’t want that. He said, “You know what, I have a suggestion for you. Why don’t you call Joe? Joe is an executive coach. He can help you.” Now this was 1989 and executive coaching and life coaching was just in its infancy. In fact, no one had ever heard of it back then. They thought it was sports coaching.

“Everything I Hoped It Would Be And MORE!”

"What a fabulous experience. Debbie and Rob are wonderful and the experience was everything I hoped it would be and MORE. I’m so glad I did it. So thank you for your encouragement to take the big step. It’s JUST what I needed to do.

The surprise of the weekend was the very SAFE environment that was created and the fact that so many strangers and couples shared so openly about where they wanted to go both with themselves and their businesses. Quite a unique situation when you consider most of us did not know each other and yet felt safe enough to be OPEN and SHARE what we wanted from the experience.”

Joan Hewson
Event Management International
Edgartown, MA

“We Eliminated Self-Induced Road Blocks And Got Motivated To Work Toward Our Goals”

“Vision Day was one of the best experiences of our life. If someone wants to start a business or achieve a goal, Vision Day will ensure that it happens.

During our Vision Day we eliminated self-induced road blocks and got motivated to work toward our goals. Through the process, we both were able to clarify our goals and create a plan to reach them. Prior to Vision Day, our goals just felt like dreams and something that was beyond our reach.

I have so many fond memories. However, after the first Group Vision Day weekend I remember sobbing the entire ferry ride from Martha’s Vineyard to Woods Hole. I was so sad that it was over and I didn’t want to leave!”

Angela Ittu
Hospital Marketing Executive
Huntington Beach, CA

I asked my friend, “What does this coach do?” My friend said, “You know, I can’t really explain it. Just call him; he’s going to help you.”

So I called this fellow up and, to make a long story short, I met with him and I had the wonderful experience of someone who really understood the struggle that I was having and was able to, in a very short time period, show me a clear pathway forward.

That was a HUGE relief for me. But the real important moment came for me as I was sitting there talking to him and hearing what he was thinking and figuring out how we were going to work together.

In that moment, things in my life changed forever. I realized that I wanted to be in the place where I could help people get clear and to help them move forward. I wanted to help them get relief and create the businesses that they dreamed of. I actually thought that was, in many ways, a lot more important and exciting than just running the company.

When Debbie and I started doing this work, the field of executive and life coaching was still largely unknown. So, in order to create a program like this we had to blaze a trail and find new ways to do things. That is one of the things that makes Vision Day® a completely unique experience.

Actually, the name Vision Day® is a little bit of a misnomer. Because it isn’t just a day or two, but a comprehensive program. The way it has evolved over time is that the Vision Day® program includes all the preparation that you need to create your plan and then the day itself to put it all together.

To create this program we had to incorporate knowledge and techniques from organizational development, systems thinking, executive education and adult learning and development, grief and healing work, and even Asian meditation and wellness approaches.

There Truly Is Nothing Else Like Vision Day And You Can’t Get This Kind Of Experience From Any Other Program, Retreat, Or Coaching Session Anywhere In The World

Just allow yourself to imagine what it would be like to wake up tomorrow and know that you are able to devote your energy and time to what you love, and that you will be able to continue to do just that … and reap the rewards!

Imagine that you have a plan, YOUR plan, that you could follow that would lead you to what you want most … an increase in business or profit, a clear direction, more time with your loved ones, more energy, or just feeling more fulfilled in your life.

Over the past 11 years in Vision Day, we have worked with thousands of people to do just that … executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, nurses, info-marketers, financial advisors, politicians, consultants, parents, artists, authors and filmmakers, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CMOs, CIOs and many more have participated in Vision Day®, and left with clarity, a plan, inspiration, and strategies to make their dreams real.

Vision Day® has made a world of difference in our own lives as well. We’ve been able to cultivate our dream lifestyle using the methods that we employ during Vision Day. We’ve been able to live our lives in paradise, otherwise known as Martha’s Vineyard during the warmer months and in the winter we head south to Naples, Florida!

After a Vision Day, we’ve seen people write books, change careers, start businesses, sell businesses, take their businesses to new levels, find the relationship of their dreams, start foundations, take dream vacations, invent new products and services, retire (or un-retire for that matter), and achieve many other remarkable, exciting goals! In addition, these folks receive that unquantifiable dividend of feeling greater satisfaction and fulfillment because they’ve chosen to live life closer to their true dreams and desires.

Vision Day is a doorway to your own personal life transformation. It is created just for you and your co-travelers. It is NOT a one-size-fits-all mega presentation. Each Vision Day is created specifically for the wants, needs and desires of the attendees for that group.

By participating in a small Group (no more than 20 people) Vision Day, you’ll reap the benefit of working with both Debbie and me. We have overlapping skills but we each have specialties and the ability to bring out the best in our clients.

A Group Vision Day is also significantly less expensive than a Personal Vision Day and provides you with the opportunity to experience the power of a group mastermind. There’s really nothing else like it. There is a force that’s greater than all of us that takes shape when a group of like-minded people come together. That reminds me … not everyone will be admitted to attend.

These groups are hand-picked for compatibility to ensure the greatest success for each participant. You’ll also get to:

  • Learn how other successful people have done what you want to do and you’ll pass along your experience to them as well
  • Help others – participate in other people’s growth

  • Arm yourself with a powerful plan to implement once you leave the Group. You won’t be left to fend for yourself. You’ll know exactly what steps to take next to achieve your goals.

  • Have fun! You’ll experience touching and fulfilling moments

  • See how people have solved life’s hardest problems

  • Benefit from feedback from the group. As opposed to just getting coaching from the experts, you’ll get the perspective of the other participants in your group.

  • Cultivate lifelong friendships!

  • Experience a great sense of accomplishment simply by participating

Here Are Just A Few Of The Things You’ll Experience As An Exclusive Group Vision Day® Participant:

  • You’ll complete an intriguing comprehensive personal review that will give you (and us) a clear picture of your current lifestyle – what’s working and what’s not working. Your preparation will allow us to create the perfect Vision Day® for you and your co-travelers.

  • Learn and refine the important qualities that must be present in your life for maximum personal fulfillment, and how to get more of them regardless of the economy, and what others around you are experiencing.

  • Identify and refine your personal and professional goals to automatically boost your success and personal fulfillment.

  • Determine whether you truly want to be on your current life direction, or if it is time to start aiming toward another. You may be very surprised by the answers to this.

  • Learn confidential strategies that others have used to overcome fear, become media celebrities, remove limiting beliefs, calm themselves in moments of turmoil, set goals that you cannot help but attain, analyze your life for the juiciest morsels of joy and attract more of them, launch a business, revitalize your business, and too many more to list.

  • Make valuable new personal contacts. Group Vision day has been the start of many new lifelong friendships and business relationships.

  • Leave with a newfound level of excitement, confidence, inspiration and essential tools to fuel your success!

  • Receive valuable feedback and precision coaching on your goals and plans from both Debbie and me, as well as your peers at the event.

  • Using tools previously reserved for the world’s top management consultants, you will create a simple yet effective plan for yourself that you can understand and implement immediately.

“The Group Vision Day Enabled Me To Move Forward To A Long-Awaited Business Opportunity”

"The group Vision Day enabled me to get a hold on "letting go" of a career-limiting endeavor, and move forward to a long-awaited business opportunity...all the while enjoying a fantastic time with new friends in Martha's Vineyard. Thank you for the support, Debbie, Rob and assorted Women on Fire!”

Elaine D’Aprile
R.N. at the primary care clinic,
U.S. Pentagon and Flight Nurse, U.S. Air Force,
Washington, D.C.

Take Your Journey With Me,
Rob Berkley
and My Partner, Debbie Phillips ...

About Debbie Phillips

Debbie Phillips portrait Debbie is a pioneer in the field of executive and life coaching and best known for her work in transforming the lives of women.

She is the founder of the Women on Fire organization and the author of the book Women on Fire: 20 Inspiring Women Share Their Life Secrets (and Save You Years of Struggle!) and co-executive producer of the motivational film Inspire Me!

Before becoming an executive and life coach in 1995, she enjoyed a career as a newspaper reporter, a presidential nominee's and Governor's press secretary and a corporate executive in charge of a television production company.

She has degrees from The Ohio State University and Harvard University but considers her greatest education the pain, joy and growth from life’s ups and downs. She does her life-changing work with loving care, wisdom and a radiant smile. And our clients (both men and women) rave about the connection that they naturally share with Debbie.

About Me, Rob Berkley

“Vision Day Gave Me Control Over My Life And My Work”

What’s most fulfilling about the Group Vision Day is the community, which affirms those things that you’re working toward in your life. Their struggle resonates with your struggle and you can appreciate that you’re not alone.

The Vision Day gave me a moment to sit down and project my life and my goals one year in advance. It gave me a sense of control over my life and my work. I left Vision Day weekend with a clearer direction about what my next steps are.”

Socheata Poeuv
Director of the award-winning
film “New Year Baby” and Non-profit Executive

Rob Berkley protrait
I provide leadership and communications coaching for the owners and leaders of technology, information and idea-based businesses. Previously I was a successful entrepreneur, board director for public and private companies, CEO and CIO.

I’m also a speaker who has shared the stage with Dan Kennedy, Ali Brown, Bill Glazer, Michael Gelb and many others. I am co-author of the book "Speaking of Success" with Steven Covey.

Most importantly to you, I am a Master Certified Coach, the highest accreditation in the coaching industry, and am schooled in multiple Eastern healing arts.

I once had a client describe me as a cross between Yoda, Gandhi and Perry Mason, bringing wisdom, piercing clarity, kindness and a touch of "The Force" to my work. That was quite a compliment!

I share these details with you about Debbie and me not to brag or puff ourselves up, but to demonstrate that we are far from “wanna-be experts.” We are true professionals with years of experience making a dramatic difference in the lives of our clients. And the combination of what we both bring to Vision Day® creates a unique and effective space for each of our clients to grow and make their dreams real.

In fact, Vision Day® is always sold out. We release a total of only 60 dates for Vision Days per year. We personally sponsor two group Vision Days a year – one in the fall on Martha’s Vineyard and the other in the winter in Naples, Florida. We also lead group Vision Days sponsored by corporations and entrepreneurs throughout the year.

These groups are always filled to capacity and people have begged us to increase the size of the group to more than 20, but we keep it limited in size so you can get the greatest amount of personal attention.

Click here to make 1 Payment of $2495

Click here to make 2 Payments of $1297 **

** We want to be as helpful as possible so you can be a part of this event.
As I am sure you understand, we need to add a small administrative
fee to cover the charges incurred from our bank.

Before We Ever Get Started…

Leading up to Vision Day, we spend time preparing with you to make sure you are clear about what you want to get out of your day. We ask you to participate in thought-provoking exercises to determine what it is you really want. Then, you’re ready to visit Martha’s Vineyard or Naples for your special day.

For anyone who needs continued support, we offer ongoing coaching and consulting. We view ourselves as your partner, walking forward with you as you execute your Vision Day plan.

You might be thinking, “Why can’t I just do this myself?” The answer is quite simple. It’s messy and difficult if not impossible doing this yourself. Think about it … there is a reason why doctors don’t take out their own appendix!

If people could do this easily for themselves, they would have already figured it out.

“Watch Out World … Here I Come!”

“I wasn’t sure if I would get what I really needed from a Group Vision Day (I’ve had individual Vision Days). Well, not only did I get what I wanted which was giving myself permission to move forward and start my business but the group also was very accepting and truly helped me with opening up and allowed me to share my fears and resolve them. I can now say: watch out world … here I come!”

Sherrie Russell
Executive Assistant
Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™
Baltimore, MD

Vision Day® is NOT for people who want to come in one side of the car wash and out the other side completely different, changed, transformed, incredibly different instantaneously after Vision Day®.

Generally, it’s going to take a little effort and a little bit of moving through your plan. So, what we always make sure to do is build in precise, easily achievable next steps to make sure you can get your plan going smoothly and clearly.

Vision Day® is also not for people who are in circumstances where the investment for Vision Day puts them in financial peril. It is better for them to build their resources

Like I said before, there really is nothing else like a Vision Day®. This is your opportunity to set your life on the course that’s perfect and specifically for YOU!

Here’s How You Can Experience
Your Own Group Vision Day

On October 8 and 9, 2010 ONLY up to 20 people will be able to experience this exclusive Group Vision Day® in beautiful Martha's Vineyard, MA.

ATTENDANCE IS STRICTLY LIMITED to this small number so that you can receive personal coaching and strategies during the program.

We’ll provide 3 delicious meals for you … 2 lunches and a spectacular celebratory dinner. And you’ll also receive a very nice Vision Day® bag.


Your Vision Day will be held in a beautiful, inspiring location, Martha's Vineyard

Your Vision Day® will be held in a beautiful, inspiring location, Martha’s Vineyard!

The Naples Pier at Sunset

Martha’s Vineyard, or simply “The Vineyard“ as insiders call it, is an island jewel off the coast of Cape Cod, it is blessed with lovely beaches, elegant towns, and plentiful excellent dining and shopping, and a myriad of outdoor activities. It is easily accessed by plane, car, ferry and bus.

The Vineyard is famous for its streets of brightly painted Victorian gingerbread cottages in the town of Oak Bluffs; the town of Vineyard Haven is a picturesque, turn-of-the-century community, and the quaint and pristine Edgartown, formerly a wealthy whaling port heavily salted with the old, stately homes of ships’ captains and now a center of yachting. And there is also a dramatic display of outdoor beauty at the famous color-streaked Aquinnah Cliffs above the town of Aquinnah.

Martha's Vineyard has something for everyone. And it provides the perfect setting for you to relax, unwind, drink in the natural beauty and be inspired to create those all important next steps in your life.

You couldn't find a more conducive setting for a private retreat than the island of Martha's Vineyard. Home-away-from-home for countless celebrities, politicians, scholars and media people, it's also the year-round residence for artists, writers, consultants and people who enjoy a slower, quieter pace of life.

For your Vision Day, this contemplative stretch of land surrounded by ocean affords you the leisure and luxury of unwinding and listening to yourself.


Individual Vision Day® for 2010 starts at $6,000, and couples, business and corporate Vision Day® are substantially more. That’s just one of the things that makes Group Vision Day in Martha'sVineyard. such an incredible value and opportunity.

Remember, that includes 2 full days of coaching with two master coaches to create a plan for your life, 3 fabulous meals, a gorgeous location, and much, much more!

We’re so confident in our ability to deliver a one-of-a-kind, results-producing experience that we completely GUARANTEE your satisfaction. And no, this isn’t one of those empty guarantees that doesn’t really mean anything. We’re really, literally taking all of the risk out of the decision for you

Our 100% Money-Back GUARANTEE

If for any reason this event does not live up to your expectations (or exceed them!), please see one of us as we break for lunch on the first day. You may leave at that point and your money will be fully refunded to you. No questions asked.

This Spectacular Experience is limited to only up to 20 People...

Register today. We don’t want you to miss this event, so if this sounds good to you, please join us today.

Click here to make 1 Payment of $2495

Click here to make 2 Payments of $1297 **

** We want to be as helpful as possible so you can be a part of this event.
As I am sure you understand, we need to add a small administrative
fee to cover the charges incurred from our bank.

We are so thrilled and excited to be able to offer this special group Vision Day. We want for your life to be as extraordinary as you are! Please be in touch with any questions and most important, and register today … before it’s too late!

Debbie and I cannot wait to see you and spend time with you this summer in beautiful, warm Martha's Vineyard.

To your Extraordinary life!

Debbie Signature

Rob Signature

Debbie Phillips and Rob Berkley

P.S. The pace of change is only going to increase. The pressure and strain on you will only become greater. Would you rather live a mediocre or an extraordinary life? Group Vision Day is just what you need to turn the corner and make it extraordinary.

P.P.S. Only 20 people will have this experience in beautiful warm, sunny Martha's Vineyard, on October 8-9, 2010. Please don't miss out. Plus, your opportunity to divide into two payments.


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