Debbie Phillips
Invites you to attend the next

Women on Fire Tea

New York, NY

December 6, 2013

Hello, dear friend ~

You are invited!

The holidays will be arriving and along with them the phenomenal opportunity to connect with a group of fabulous women to celebrate and share what you are “on fire” about in your life.

This is your exclusive invitation to attend the much-celebrated Women on Fire Annual Holiday Tea on Friday, December 6, 2013 in New York City at the elegant Lady Mendl's Tea Parlour. Please join me from 4PM-7PM.

I started Women on Fire teas nine years ago to create communities of extraordinary women who support each other's growth, dreams and success. Since then, this way of meeting new women and sharing your dreams, hopes and challenges has caught fire and we are now holding tea parties in other cities throughout the country.

During our three-hour tea in New York on December 6, you will share a fun, joy-filled, memorable experience with each other.

Thank you so much for being a part of the Women on Fire community, and I cannot wait to see you!

With Love,

P.S. Tea parties sell out very quickly. Please register today. If you miss out on this one, next ones in New York City will be announced soon in our free weekly newsletter The Spark!


This event is limited to a small number of women and will sell out quickly.
We are unable to hold seats. You must register in order to secure your participation.
After you register, you will receive further details by email.

The Women On Fire Series

Held regularly, these tea parties are an excellent way to meet, connect, and to
learn from other extraordinary women.

Join us to be:









"Women on Fire expands my world and propels my life in a positive direction each and every tea party!" Holly Getty, style consultant, New York City

"One afternoon of how life should be!"
Claudia Miller, artist, businesswoman and philanthropist, New York City

"Women supporting women in the most fun, natural setting and talking about what we're "on fire" about. How cool is that? It's hot!"
Jill Siegel, music industry executive, New York City

"This is a sorority of power, humor, courage and love."
Pat Wynn Brown, author, speaker, performance artist and founder of Hair Theater, Columbus, OH

"Women on Fire" Tea Details

Five-course high tea
December 6, 2013 (Friday)
Lady Mendl's Tea Parlour
The Inn at Irving Place
56 Irving Place
New York, NY
(212) 533-4466
PLEASE NOTE: Because of the exclusive nature of this event and limited space, there are no refunds. If you have to cancel, you are welcome to transfer your registration to another person (a fabulous woman, of course!) for the December 2013 event only.
If you have any questions, or if you wish to register by phone, please call my wonderful assistant Daren Stinson at 508-696-4949 and she will be happy to help you. You may also visit

Other "Women On Fire" Celebrate Their Experiences

"Debbie Phillips is one of those unique individuals who can pull together a diverse group of people and create an atmosphere of sharing, laughing, and connecting. I just attended my first Women on Fire Tea Party and boy did I get “high!” I enjoyed every moment – from the introductions, to the life stories of other women, to the fabulous speaker. I came away with a sense of connection and the knowledge that in our core we all are one." Ines Altemose, pharmaceutical executive, Rahway, NJ "With Women on Fire, Debbie has created an environment where you are completely transported to a place of energy, possibility and support; where total strangers become instant friends, and treat each other as if it's always been so. What an honor to be included!"
Jenifer Madson, speaker, coach and author of "Living The Promises," New York, NY
"For the past few months, I felt like I was sleep-walking through my days focused on work. After the Women on Fire tea party, I feel awake, alive, energized and reconnected to myself. Thank you!"
Robin Baliszewski, publishing company president, Cincinnati, OH
"The Women on Fire Tea Party is an opportunity to carve out a piece of life that focuses on life quality. It is homebase for the soul that centers me and reminds me that I on a path and I need to trust that path."
Janette Barber,executive producer RosieRadio on SiriusXM, speaker, stand-up comic, author of "Embracing Your Big, Fat Ass," with Laura Banks, New York City
"A valuable community of women who are heart-centered and passionate in their commitment to personal growth and service."
Kelley Black, owner KBC Exploration, New York City
"This was so inspirational for me! A fun and safe place to be myself, learn from other women and laugh, laugh, laugh. Can't wait to do this again!"
Shannon McCaffery, marketing consultant, S. Orange, NJ
"Such a treat ... a way to pull away from my routines and indulge myself!"
Ann Graham, book editor, Bronxville, NY
"So many wonderful women in such a positive environment!"
Laura Federici, mezzo soprano, New York City
"Women on Fire is the best investment I've made in myself all year."
Pat Snyder, author of the column "Balancing Act," Columbus, OH
"100% women who are all smart, inspirational and successful!"
Ranjana Pathak, corporate executive, Garden City, NY
"I always leave feeling blessed to be part of such a special event, and feeling energized about my own life and potential!" Allison Barry, former software sales executive, on a much-deserved sabbatical, Boston "The Women on Five teas are 'the gift that keeps on giving' months after the event through the creative ideas and support that are generated during the event." Liz McCabe, executive recruiter, New York City
"Debbie Phillips has the amazing ability to put together women of passion who can inspire each other. She is a Woman on Fire!"
Ellen Pearlman, former magazine editor, New York City
"A gathering full of truth, delight and wisdom, with many helpful practical strategies. Inspiring, uplifting, and fierce!"
Regina Weichert, performance artist, Martha's Vineyard

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